One Week Out or I wore shoes for the first time yesterday

It's been one week since I completed the IMTUF 100. Man has it been nice to just do nothing and let everything heal up.

The first few days of last week my feet were pretty swollen. Just walking around the neighborhood was a chore. I spent most of the day with my feet propped up on an ottam shoved under my desk.

Luckily I work out of my home and I was able to wear sandals all week. I didn't put on a pair of shoes until yesterday afternoon when I went for a quick bike ride with Josiah and Anna down to Camel's back park.

I still have a bump and a little pain in my right achilles but I'm hoping it will go away in another day or two and I can run with Chris through his first 50k this weekend at the Foothills Frenzy.

Sustained Damage

losing the toenail

Unfortuantely I will be losing a toenail again this year. Just part of the game for me I guess. My dad always used to lose a toenail every hunting season, so I guess it runs in the family.